The writing is on the wall–I suspect the next Windows OS will be a subscription service. Gather your ISOs while ye may.

  • CaptObvious
    2 months ago

    Makes me really glad that my Win 10 machine can’t be upgraded – despite upgrading to Win 11 being one of the selling points when I bought it. It may have something to do with the kludge to make Home accept a group policy. I’m also quite happy; I never intended to install Win 11 on it, so stopping the reminders that it’s ready to go was a blessing.

    I’ve always planned to replace Windows with Linux anyway. Mint, either Ubuntu or Debian flavor, has been a great replacement on my 2008-era Macbook (still in use) after Apple pulled a similar stunt 15 years ago. I see no reason not to take the same route with more modern Dells. With advances in Wine for gaming, there’s not much I need to do that Firefox and LibreOffice don’t handle.